Tannerite Gender Reveal Kit Blue or Pink Powder

Want to do an exploding gender reveal party? Finally you can get it all in 1 place! Buy color powder (pink or blue) and tannerite here. The color powder is colored cornstarch and completely safe.

Color Powder Blue Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal blue powder

Color Powder Pink Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal pink powder


How to Mix Tannerite and Chalk Powder

You don’t actually mix them together. You just set the colored powder on top and to the sides of the tannerite.

How to Make Gender Reveal Powder

You could make it from adding pigment to cornstarch and then drying it and blending it. But it’s much cheaper and easier to just buy it from us already made.

Just need the Color?

We have wholesale color powder in as large of quantities as you need here in our gender reveal shop.

Gender Reveal Footballs Filled with Color Powder

Football Themed Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Imagine kicking a field goal but instead of winning the game, you tell everyone the sex of your new child!

Our gender reveal footballs are filled with holi color powder that creates a fun explosive colored cloud to reveal the gender to all around.

Most people like to set the mood by having 2 of our colored smoke sticks lit and giving of over a minutes worth of color while setting up the football to be kicked. We recommend doing 1 pink and 1 blue color smoke grenade (bomb) for the pregame show.

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Gender Reveal Baseballs

Gender Reveal Soccer Balls

Gender Reveal Tennis Balls

Gender Reveal Golf Balls

Gender Reveal Hockey Pucks

Gender Reveal Color Powder Balls – Refillable and Reusable (100+ throws per fill and not just a 1 time thing like all the other products)

Gender Reveal Color Smoke Bombs/Grenades/Sticks/Fountains

Gender Reveal Baseballs Explode with Color Powder

Baseballs Themed Gender Reveal Party Kit

You have most like have seen our exploding gender reveal baseballs. What makes them so popular? We stuff them full of our famous holi powder (colored cornstarch) in whatever color you want. Most people go for blue or pink but we can do any color in the world.


Baseballs filled with Color Powder Create the Perfect Gender Reveal

No longer is it 3 strikes and your out. Now with 3 hits you are in the know. Why do only 1 ball and have the party end so fast? Get a pack of 3 (1 being the opposite color) to throw a curveball to the crowd and keep them on their toes.

To set the scene, a lot of people like to have a pink and a blue colored smoke fountain going off leading up to the pitches. You can see our color smoke for gender reveals here. If you want to go all out, you can set up balloons filled with powder as well or you can have everyone throw color powder in the air like they do Holi Festival of Colors or the color run. It is the same powder used at those events after all.

No matter how big or small you want to go, we have you covered with our Reveal Powder from 70g packets all the way up to 25 pound boxes of color are available.


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Gender Reveal Color Smoke Fountain

Some people call these smoke bombs but they don’t explode like a bomb, they release a steady pillowing cloud of colored smoke.

2 Pack – Gender Reveal Colored Smoke Fountain

People like to get a pink and a blue smoke fountain to have going as they set the ambiance to prepare for the reveal using one of our many sports balls to reveal the sex of their child.

Light them up and enjoy smoke for up to 5 minutes with our Jumbo smoke grenade fountain. They come in round tube canisters that can be hand held if you dare. They aren’t dangerous but we recommend no kids use them and to use caution when dealing with anything that has fire.

If the color smoke grenade is too much for you to handle, you can go with the no fire approach of using our confetti cannons.

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Reveal Powder Baseballs

Reveal Powder Footballs

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Gender Reveal Color Powder Exploding Golf Ball

Time for a hole in one with our Gender Reveal Powder Golf Ball that explodes when you hit it.

Golf Themed Gender Reveal Party

Don’t let the party reach its climax with just 1 hit, You have to hit it more than once to know the sex of the baby with our 3 ball party pack. 3 Balls is better than 2 and it’s keeps the crowd in anticipation to see what color the final ball will be.

3 Pack of Color Powder Filled Golfballs

  • If you are having a boy, you get 2 golf balls filled with blue powder and 1 filled with pink.
  • If you are having a girl, you get 2 golf balls filled with pink powder and 1 filed with blue.

Other Sorts filled with our Reveal Powder:

Exploding Hockey Pucks of Color Powder for Gender Reveal

Hockey Themed Gender Reveal Party

Have you ever seen a hockey themed gender reveal party? Me neither. But it’s time to start doing cooler reveals that both parents can get excited about.

DIY Hockey Puck with Color Powder Kit for Gender Reveal

Some people want to save a little money and enjoy creating their own pucks. With our DIY Kit you can create them however you like them.  Each kit includes powder of your choice and the empty pucks.

We made the news when we started selling out reveal powder baseballs so we decided to break out into all the sports and even some gun shooting and dart throwing areas.

Other Sports Related Products using our Gender Reveal Powder:

Gender Reveal Ball of Color Powder

We have refillable color powder balls for Gender Reveal Parties and other events.

color powder balls for gender reveal

c-ball color powder chalk ball blasts

color powder balls holi

Filled with our USA made safe holi color powder and not full of chalk from China/India like we have seen. Our color ball blasts whatever it hits with colored cornstarch.

Gender Reveal Powder

What is Gender Reveal Powder Made Of?

It is a colored cornstarch that is completely safe and non-toxic. It is made in the USA of the safest food grade dyes and materials.

gender reveal powderThis is the same color powder used for color runs and holi festivals.

How to Make Gender Reveal Powder

You can make it at home but in the end it will actually cost more money and you spend a lot of time making a large mess at home. You can buy it from us for a low flat rate and we ship super fast.

Some people call it hippie powder or chameleon powder. We have wholesale color powder ready for you in pink and/or blue!

gender reveal powder holi color

If you want other colors, we have those too, just send us an email at revealpowder@gmail.com.

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