Gender Reveal Baseballs Explode with Color Powder

Baseballs Themed Gender Reveal Party Kit

You have most like have seen our exploding gender reveal baseballs. What makes them so popular? We stuff them full of our famous holi powder (colored cornstarch) in whatever color you want. Most people go for blue or pink but we can do any color in the world.


Baseballs filled with Color Powder Create the Perfect Gender Reveal

No longer is it 3 strikes and your out. Now with 3 hits you are in the know. Why do only 1 ball and have the party end so fast? Get a pack of 3 (1 being the opposite color) to throw a curveball to the crowd and keep them on their toes.

To set the scene, a lot of people like to have a pink and a blue colored smoke fountain going off leading up to the pitches. You can see our color smoke for gender reveals here. If you want to go all out, you can set up balloons filled with powder as well or you can have everyone throw color powder in the air like they do Holi Festival of Colors or the color run. It is the same powder used at those events after all.

No matter how big or small you want to go, we have you covered with our Reveal Powder from 70g packets all the way up to 25 pound boxes of color are available.


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