Tannerite Gender Reveal Kit Blue or Pink Powder

Want to do an exploding gender reveal party? Finally you can get it all in 1 place! Buy color powder (pink or blue) and tannerite here. The color powder is colored cornstarch and completely safe.

Color Powder Blue Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal blue powder

Color Powder Pink Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal pink powder


How to Mix Tannerite and Chalk Powder

You don’t actually mix them together. You just set the colored powder on top and to the sides of the tannerite.

How to Make Gender Reveal Powder

You could make it from adding pigment to cornstarch and then drying it and blending it. But it’s much cheaper and easier to just buy it from us already made.

Just need the Color?

We have wholesale color powder in as large of quantities as you need here in our gender reveal shop.